Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Today's subject is OBSESSION.
This is a subject I am often asked about.
Let's explore the topic...shall we?

Let us begin with this simple formula, one I use over and over again in my life.


To know me is to watch me use this simple formula over and over again. The subject may change, but the formula does not vary.

Here's my current formula:

A, B and C equal my love of:

A. Icons, pop art, The 60's art aesthetic, Andy Warholism, fun, humor, 60's and 70's T.V., color, line, and form.
B. A Gothic sensibility, mythology, history, ancient archetypes, mystery, feminine power.
C. An overwhelming desire to make the world a better place to live.

"Hillary", the icon, is the most wonderful combination of these things I have found, to date.
This combination sets my mind on fire, and makes me want to create art.
Think about it... a female force so powerful it verges on Super Hero, who looks like a 70's T.V. Mom, who wears a rainbow of bright colored pantsuits, and who is out to save the world.

And now it's time for Q+A.


Roxane said...

Got it!!!!!!!

Madeline Albright said...

What am I? Chopped Liver?

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Pretty much.

Flying Mermaid said...

And here I thought you were gonna discuss the similarities and differences of Muse vs Obsession. All we got was the TTILE "Obsession", and no more mention of it!

This is about MUSE! Am wrong? Or are you saying they're one and the same?

To me the main difference is the outcome. Is something PRODUCED from the bowels of this obsession, or not? I think this is the point so many miss....

Hillary Clinton Army said...

I agree that muse and obsession are the same if something is created out of it.
I hate stagnancy, so to me things have to keep moving as a muse is always a fleeting thing that flits before our eyes. We never can catch it, if we do, then it's over.

Flying Mermaid said...

Yup, it's aliveness is key!

Anonymous said...

I like seeing it spelled out, A, B, C. I think I'd add some random variable, like A+C/B=Q that makes it serendipitous or open to surprise.

Anonymous said...

I agree to it...



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