Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Starring Hillary Clinton, featuring Shirley Partridge

I always wondered about the whole "starring" vs. "featuring" thing. Hmmmm...

I had an interview with Dan Shapiro of AZ Daily Star's AZNightBuzz this morning in which he called my blog "up to date".
I wonder if he was referencing this groovy album?

Meanwhile, I'm drowning in a sea of Danny.
I'm bejeweling little frames for my vintage 1972 Shirley Partridge bubble gum cards to sell at the show.
For every Shirley card, there are a zillion Danny cards. I guess kids just weren't that interested in collecting the Mom card.

This makes the Shirley cards all the more precious.
So for every framed, bejeweled Shirley card you buy, you will receive a FREE Danny Bonaduce card!

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Great columns.....



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