Monday, May 4, 2009

A Water Bouncer for Hillary

Hillary is taking a sick day today. The first ever that I'm aware of.
I, on the other hand, am having a ball.

A "Maui Toys Water Bouncer" to be exact. It is filled with water and glitter, and it's totally cool. I bought it today at Walmart.

Feast your eyes

Being a ball freak from way back, these balls are too good to be true.
I just googled them and found out that they ARE, in fact, too good to be true!
They are being recalled because they
catch on fire.

There's only a few left at Walmart.... I'm glad I've got mine!
If you run, you might just nab the last one.

If only Hillary had a water bouncer today, I'm sure she'd feel a lot better.
Well, as long as she doesn't leave it in a hot car!


Charlene said...

That is just too cool! (Not cool enough to send me on a trip to Sierra Vista for one...but, cool nonetheless!)

Hillary Clinton Army said...

I was wondering why there were only a few left.
If you want one, put in your order, because I'm probably going back. 8 bucks.

Charlene said...

Thanks! Wow, for 8 bucks they must be larger than the Mexican balls.

Gonna pass, I think. But, I do need to come over and borrow the sparkly dress for the Pimp & Ho Ball.

Will call ya!

Anonymous said...

Well iv'e got mine don't have to worry about trying to find one

Anonymous said...

I got one today!!!! There so awesome, I got like a super bouncy one too. Me and my other 17 year old friend were bouncing them to the ceiling in Wal Mart XD

Anonymous said...

it is just cool.........



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Anonymous said...

I have the blue version.

I've had it for about 4 months now,
it is not pure water any more. The water has become murky & green, but it still has no bubbles!

Anonymous said...

they got new ones :) smaller but still awsome ... now they have warnings about heat and what not