Saturday, May 30, 2009


All Pantsuit Envoys will be issued Pantsuit PS#12X37NTZ provided by the United States Department Of State.
You will also receive a PSE Art Supply travel kit which will contain paints, brushes, etc., needed for your assignment.
All PSE's must choose color options as shown below.

         1. Jet black with electric blue trim.

           2. Lemon yellow with lime-zazzle trim.

           3. Cherry red with royal blue trim.

       4. Key lime with plum trim.

Choose one of the following options and notify us in comments section.
Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
Upon receiving your PSE kit, stand on nearest street corner and a PS Special Envoy Van will take you to your destination.
Good luck and God Speed-


Charlene said...

PSE Member here choosing $3.

Awaiting further instruction.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Nice choice, PSE Charlene.
There's not much to do now but sit and wait.

Charlene said...

salutes Big Brass and awaits further notice

stylin said...

1. Jet black with electric blue trim for me please, you know how much I like Black.
over and out,
your sista in arms

Hillary Clinton Army said...

You got it, Stylin. Once you receive your package, remember to say the password when getting into the P.S.E. VAN.

Anonymous said...

Good choice....



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