Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hillary hot and cold


Two Hillary stories came my way to day, one hot and one cold.
The first is from a guy named James .
Hillary had said some complimentary things to Ron Paul a couple of months ago about his  supporters. 
James, who is a Ron Paul supporter, was very touched by her words.
 Seeing that I had a Hillary blog, James wrote to me to ask if I knew what kind of hot sauce Hillary liked, as he wanted to send her a gift.
I told him that had no idea, but asked him to keep me posted.
James wrote me again a couple weeks later to say he had found the perfect jar of hot sauce, and had mailed it off to Hillary. Much to my horror, James had sent her a bottle of "Hog's Ass hot sauce", complete with a picture of a hog's ass.

I wrote back to James asking if that was supposed to be some kind of a joke. 
His answer was sincere. "No, it was just the best hot sauce I could find. I tasted it and I really like it".
In my mind there was no way in hell that hot sauce was ever going to find it's way to Hillary's desk.
But I was wrong. 
Here's the letter James received  from Hillary today....

"Dear Mr. ----:

I do, indeed, love hot sauce!

Thank you so much for sending me two bottles of your favorite; I look forward to trying it. I remain deeply appreciative of your thoughtfulness and good cheer, as well as the enthusiasm that you and your fellow Ron Paul supporters have brought to the public square.

With thanks and best regards, I am

Sincerely yours,

Hillary Rodham Clinton"


The other story I heard today came from a friend named Walt.

Walt is Jill Japan's husband, and Jill just came back from an event in New York City where Hillary was the guest of honor. Jill was off and running, so Walt gave me the basics about the event.

The event was a fundraiser for children's healthcare. 

Tickets sold from $1,000 to $10,000 each.

The event was a huge success and Jill was overjoyed! Over 1 million dollars was raised for the kids.

Everyone was thrilled! 

Everyone but me, that is.

 Hillary Clinton was a no-show.

She apparently was caught up at the White House with President Obama solving some global crisis or other.

She did, for the record, talk to everyone on a giant screen.

I'm sure glad I didn't mortgage my house, or invent some elaborate scheme pretending I wanted to help save the children, just to go to see Hillary.

Apparently some  people, like James, Jill and Hillary, do things for sincere and unselfish reasons. 

Go figure.

I, on the other hand, would probably have sang this song just to weasel my way in to see Hillary, and then been profoundly disappointed if she didn't show up.


Maria said...

lmao @ Hog's Ass Hot Sauce. Wow. I'm glad she wasn't offended. So wait, you can just write anything to Hillary and she replies back??? Where can I write her? :)

Hillary Clinton Army said...

James just sent it right to the State Department. He wrote her a nice letter too.
I don't know that she always writes back, but I think you should give it a try!
She might need a piece of your beautiful jewelry!

Flying Mermaid said...

Gotta respect a woman who ain't afraid of a little hog's ass -- or even a lot!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Hillary ain't afraid of nuthin!

Anonymous said...

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