Saturday, May 23, 2009

Code word: Clinton

After this weekend of work, I will have 3 glorious weeks to do nothing but sit high in my cloistered Nunnery and paint the subject of my next art show, "The Myth of the Pantsuit".
I'm talking myths and symbols, baby.
                         Click to enlarge
Hillary Clinton will appear as an eagle, her followers as the pantsuit people.
All Partridge Family references will herein be symbolized as a Mondrian Shield.
Classic games are an obvious reference, except when it comes to croquet.
Other symbols will be explained as I invent them.
Everybody got it?


Louise S. Monkey said...

We are on board!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Great, let the symbolism begin!

Anonymous said...

You're amazing!. Thank you so much for all you do, you have been an inspiration for me.

Tour Wonk said...




3 weeks off?


where the hell is Bwenda Bullgawee in all this>

Has she been shoved aside like some Dairy Queen infested carb whore?

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Bwenda is takin'a a bweatha!

Thank you so much, Anonymous!

Flying Mermaid said...

THIS is a beautiful assemblage of words, and words are the ultimate soul target!

Anonymous said...

THIS is a beautiful assemblage of words



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