Friday, May 1, 2009

Shirley Jones and Florence Henderson Tour

I can't tell you how excited I am to hear the news that Shirley Jones and Florence Henderson will tour together.
Classic. A "Must-see".
If you see this show, then you can die with a smile on your face.

The tour begins with Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra for three concerts Nov. 20-22.
Additional tour dates are expected. (Sigh!)

The concerts will feature "new orchestrations and charts, retrospective career overtures, clip reels, personal anecdotes, first time duets, and classic songs." (Hmmm... my imagination is drifting away here).

I don't exactly want to go to Indianapolis for this, but would definitely make the trip to a city that I have friends in.
This has got "Hillary Clinton Army Field Trip" written all over it.
Who's in and whatever shall we wear?


Charlene said...

I would be in if they happened to do a venue out this way (like Phoenix or Tucson). Other somewhat nearby venues are also possible. It would be pretty cool!

What to wear? Such possibilities! I'm currently focused on what to wear to the Pimp & Ho Ball (hey, can I come raid your closet?)

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Yes you can.

kcmustang said...

I hope they have other tour dates. I am usually in Tucson that weekend. If i ride El Tour it is November 21.
Why would they start in Indi.... have i ever told you how i feel about the state of Indiana??

Hillary Clinton Army said...

No, you haven't. Maybe they'll play Chicago, that seems like an obvious.
It sounds so bad it has to be great!