Monday, May 25, 2009

My humble beginnings

Today marks the beginning of  my simple and austere existence as a humble nun living here at "Mother Eagle's Nunnery".
I begin my day by waking at the crack of 11 AM. I take my first sip of java and contemplate my day.
The grounds need to be watered, the brown rice needs to be cooked, my habit needs to be sewed. But most importantly, as  one of  "Mother Eagle's Royal Academy of Painting Nuns" I must serve my vocation and paint.
Once I'm settled in here, I shall invite you all to "A Nun's Tea". 
Perhaps we may even take a short pilgrimage. I hear tell of a holy site near here called "Saint Elmo's". But I'm getting ahead of myself. I must focus on what's in front of me. Which right now happens to be coffee.


Tour Wonk said...

Coffee is the most sacred of all. This is an order of nuns I can join!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

I was hoping you'd feel this way, Sister Wendy.

Tour Wonk said...

You know I already have a series of videos out called "Painting with Sister Wendy"

Done deal, Doll!

Vince said...

Hope U would have find a way.....


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