Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Pilgrimage!

Being unable to mortgage my house in time to make tonight's fundraiser in NYC with Hillary, I've decided to leave the convent for the evening and go on a pilgrimage with some friends.
My friends suggested we walk across the town of Agua Prieta, Mexico to go to a place they call "La Reforma".
My imagination soared. 
So in a moment of fervent Hillary zeal and over-blown expectations, I grabbed an old Hillary yard sign and whipped up this quick painting. 
               (Click to enlarge)
I have since found out that "La Reforma" is a restaurant, and not a religious Hillary experience at all.
I then considered being a little decadent tonight and ordering a Coke. We are not allowed to drink coke here at Mother Eagle's Convent.
I have since changed my mind after learning that the owner of "La Reforma" was shot to death in his own restaurant last year over a similar incident with Coke. 
Forget it, I'll stick to water.
Well, at least I've found a new use for that old stack of Hillary yard signs!

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