Saturday, August 1, 2009


Today finds us busy dreaming up a new T.V. show, starring none other than the fabulous BINGO!
                      The fabulous Bingo!

   I will also be starring in the show. 
 It will be a kind of "Pee Wee's Play House" meets The Mighty Boosh.
The show will be chock-o-block full of art, music, fashion and fun!
Also appearing on the show.... 

             The Art Envoys! 

       Appearances by  Surprise Special guests!  

How about a visit from our favorite food representative

And of-course, a fabulous array of colorful PANTSUITS!

But most importantly, my dear friends, this show will feature, YOU!

                 BINGO!   coming soon.....


love23 said...

Too bad we don't have cable access shows here like in Tucson, I can envision an amazing one from you!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

I think we do! It's just not a very interesting local access channel. Will you be a special guest?

Charlene said...

I love the idea of the BINGO SHOW! Let's do it!