Monday, August 17, 2009

Photos from the Pantsuit show

Here are some photos from the Pantsuit show...

  Ed Briggs, "Law and Order" set designer. 

      Jamie and Ann, "Official video selectors for the Stars". Island Entertainment video store.

     Jackie Baer, my fabulous mother.

     My old friend Barth, a new friend, musician Christine Isherwood, and the ever awesome Theo.

     Maria passing some hors d'oevres to some wonderful family friends.

            I am the walrus.

     Myself with Island artist and magician, Steve Lohman.

     Steve and his wife, Jen Strachan. Both truly amazing artists,

  and dancers. Who knew?


   Myself, Christine, Jamie, Barth.

   Nicholas, from Germany. He and his brother played us some music at the show.

Let's hear it for the Pantsuiters!


love23 said...

Great photos, and I loved the slide show and music too! Hope you are at the beach right now!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Thanks Kate, but oops! I'm not at the beach right now, but I hope to go soon!

Hillary Clinton Army said...
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Jess said...

Having a blast huh? Glad it's going so well. We miss you!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

I miss you too, Jess!