Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm back in Bisbee, happy to be home, but missing everyone from the Vineyard as well!
While I've been gone by boyfriend Shawnee has been hard at work building "Now/Studio".
It's well on it's way and I'm really excited about this!

Some friends and I spent my last night on the Vineyard singing this song, chorus after chorus, top volume, probably to the annoyance of many. Here in Bisbee it's still running through my mind...


Anonymous said...

We miss you!!!! Where did you ever find that vidio? What a gem!!!
Love Mom

kcmustang said...

I am so excited to read the space will have a studio...i hope to see the new studio Nov 15.. somewhere around the week of the 21st
i must catch up on the extreme pantsuiting you have been doing! yay for pantsuits everywhere!!!

love23 said...

Congratulations to SHAWNEE!!! You should be so lucky, and of course you are!!!!

That video is FUNNY!

Made two peach pies today, you should be so lucky to come by tomorrow and have some!

Bring the tiny suitcases if you do!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Yum, peach pie! Fruit pies are my favorite!
Yes, K...Extreme Pantsuiting in November!