Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meet Maria!

Tonight I'm staying with my old friend Maria, in Providence Rhode Island. 
We have been friends ever since art school, one zillion years ago.
You'll be seeing a lot of her this weekend, as she will be my Pantsuit Partner in crime.

Most people consider Maria to be the unofficial mayor of Providence. If you take a walk down the street with her, you'll know what I mean.
Everybody loves her here, it's always "Maria!!!" everywhere you turn.
Year after year, she gives her all to improving her city, and her efforts show everywhere you look.
Where things where once a bit run-down in Providence, there is now a thriving art scene loaded with galleries, art spaces, cool hipster shops, and cafes. 
Maria has definitely played a huge role in this.

Besides all the work she constantly does on behalf of the city, Maria makes her living as a high-end bridal jeweler.
She's kind of like an Italian Rhoda Morgenstein, except instead of dressing windows, she dresses up the city.
And speaking of dressing up... wait to you see the Pantsuits she has in store for us this weekend!


love23 said...

Hi Maria, You look FABULOUS and I can't wait to see what pantsuits you have in store! WOO WOO!

Tour Wonk said...

OMG!! I love Maria!!! You girls have fun!!!

Fire up that island!!!


Tour Wonk said...

Oh... and one more thing... I think the beach we all went to with the Boone girls and got naked and covered ourselves in clay should have it's name officially changed to "Pantsuit Beach" and I think a GB fashioned sign that has pantsuits all over it should be in place. Perhaps on that lovely path right behind Kate Taylor's house??

Are you with me?

Flying Mermaid said...

Damn, that picture of Maria twisting the bride is HOT! Wonder if she knows my cousin, Rebecca Kislak, who's an activist lawyer in Providence (and a dyke).

Hillary Clinton Army said...

I don't know, Emily, I'll ask her.
Wendy, funny you should mention Kate Taylor. More on that later.

Vince said...

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