Monday, August 17, 2009

Chelsea Clinton Martha's Vineyard wedding?????

I'm confused. I've been doing my best to convince people that Hillary is telling the truth when she emphatically denies rumors about Chelsea's wedding. I say to these people, "Hillary isn't lying, because, well, then she'd be lying... and she just wouldn't do that". 
Now here's the confusing part. Not only do these rumors persist, but check out today's headlines in the National Enquirer.
You see, I'm a person who also believes what I read in the National Enquirer. 
I tirelessly defend this belief too. The Enquirer doesn't bribe people with the big bucks for nothing.
 So, you see, I'm in a bit of a conundrum.
National Enquirer/Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton/National Enquirer? I can't decide.
All I know is I will probably be a little peeved if The Enquirer is telling the truth. Only because I believe everything that Hillary says, and I'd like to keep it that way.
Let's take a poll and see what you think!


bisbohemian said...

I am with you... the National Enquirer would never... publish anything that isn't the truth! The space aliens that work at the McDonald's told me that... and it was backed up by the lady in the Domincan Republic who has three feet...

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Ah, are thinking "Sun" when you should be thinking "People". The Enquirer's stories always end up in People mag after they've been broken by the Enquirer. The 3 headed alien babies, stay the domain of the Globe and the Sun. You see?

love23 said...

I agree with you GB, you know how accurate the National Enquirer was about Dolly being bi. OK, enough said. Look for Chelsea and her mom, our beloved Hillary!