Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm here!

Well, I'm here on Martha's Vineyard!
I'm putting up posters and talking up Pantsuits to anyone who will listen.

I'm soliciting small children on the beach to get them to come to my art show.

I'm flagging down anyone who might want to play 'Pantsuit" with me.

I'm starting to look at people as moving props. 
Is that a bad thing?

(Jackie Baer: photo credit)


Flying Mermaid said...

And are they listening? Do they get it? I'm desperate for pix of pantsuited Jackie!

Break a pantsuited leg, woman -- I'll miss you when I get home...

love23 said...

Hi Gretchen, It looks super wonderful over there and doesn't look hot. Your promise of all pantsuited photos is coming in loud and clear. Jackie did a great job of photography. How incredible that your mom and you go out have such a blast together. You are two lucky women. xoKATE

Lily T said...

You are fearless Gretchen! Good luck with your show! I know it will go well.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Thanks, guys. More Pantsuit photos to come!

Anonymous said...

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