Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gabby Giffords in Bisbee

Tonight was action-packed over at Cafe Roka, due to a visit by Arizona Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords.
She was late getting to Bisbee, because an angry mob of Tea baggers blocked her way when she was trying to leave the near-by town of Douglas.
It sounds like things got kind of hideous down there, but the only Tea bags we saw in Bisbee were the ones Cochise Country Democratic Chairman, Bob Bland, brought.

We had our own protesters though, but they were all Democrats and friendly, so nothing got out of control in this department.

The toughest, meanest protester of all was probably my neighbor,Roman,who reportedly believes "Blue Dogs" are some kind of candy that is bad for you.

Gabby rocked the mic about health care reform. She explained to people that she fully supports it, but believes we must be fiscally responsible and be realistic when choosing our plan.

Lots of people voiced their concerns over health care.
I realize this is their one chance to speak their mind to Gabby on this very important topic, but
just the same, ZZZZZZZZZZ.
I felt kind of sorry for her here. BOOOOORING!
Mark Stitches, our local doll-maker, livened things up when he gave Gabby a hand-made Obama doll.
I think she liked this.

Afterwards, I got a moment to chat with Gabby. She pointed out that the last time she saw me I was wearing a gold crown. She talked about coming down to Bisbee to have some fun next Halloween, I hope she does!
I told her about the "Gabby Mobile" I want to make her. Pink and purple and covered with "My little Ponies". I made her laugh if nothing else.
Anyways, Gabby is alright by me. She's real, she's smart, she sticks to her own principles... and most of all, she's fun!


Anonymous said...

A "hideous mob of Tea baggers"!!

How gauche is that, madam?
A regular little cochon, and that means pig!
How dare they!!

Jess said...

I love the clapping Hill's!!!!!! I can see that your glowing! Glad you had fun with her!

Chew-Mee said...

Gabby Giffords? Who dat?