Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gabby Giffords in Douglas, AZ

Here's a video someone made of Gabby in Douglas AZ., yesterday.
As the maker of this video shows, you have to: 
A. Fill out a card
B. Stand in line
C. Talk one on one to Gabby.
Imagine that!

News up-date: check this out!Guns and violence at Giffords event


Chew-Mee said...

Think I'll just write her.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Good idea. She says she prefers e-mails.

Chew-Mee said...

Wat is E-mail?

Flying Mermaid said...

What the fuck, who ARE those people? They are not in my town! I never see more than one or two white people in Safeway, EVER. They must shop in Benson, with the other cowboy hats, where they're safe from those rowdy murderous Mexcans.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Ya, and somebody had a gun, imagine that.