Thursday, August 20, 2009

Myth of the Pantsuit Art Show Finale

The Finale of the Myth of the Pantsuit started with a bang when my brother Jon put on a pink Pantsuit and started pirouetting around the gallery...

Bart brought along two Djembe drums, and the drumming fun began.
Jon had never really drummed before, but he did great and they drew quite a crowd. 
I can't imagine why.

Both Jon and Bart were upstaged, however, by a guy named Justin.
Justin blew everyone away with his drumming abilities. He drummed and he drummed some more. 
He was really great. Thanks, Justin!

Lots of people got into the mood, and danced along to the beat in a colorful Pantsuit.


These boys agree,

and these ladies can testify whole-heartedly!

This guy showed us that even if this Pantsuit doesn't fit, it makes a worthy prop.

After an evening of gallery fun, it was time to run around Gingerbread Cottageland, for Grand Illumination Night.

Our Pantsuits just seemed to match the festive mood.

We felt like we were in Candyland, where you can even eat the dishes,

      and the cake!

People really went all out for the occasion, and were super-friendly and generous.
We saw a lot of old friends, and made a lot of new ones.

We even got invited onto the porches now and again. One lady even gave us snacks!

Well, I see lots more Pantsuitin' in the foreseeable future. 
In fact, I think I'm going Pantsuitin' again tonight! 


Charlene said...

What an awesome photo essay yet again! I feel like I am there without the actual sound effects (which I truly missed). Yay!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

One of these days...sound. Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

My family and I are donning suit jackets in these photos, taken Illumination nite. We had lots of fun. One of my friends saw the photo and said she knew Bart. I sent your site to lots of peeps.