Monday, February 9, 2009

H.C.A. in the sky!

Oil painting of the day.

I decided to oil paint inside my house, as I woke up desperately needing a studio.
Screw watercolors, "Canary lungs" must paint in oil!
O.K., so my painting was influenced by the music I was listening to today (see below)!


love23 said...

I likes! We are playing phone tag today, I am now home for the night. I tried calling you back on the way to Elmo's but didn't get you. I sent the email to you about the house concert.

Charlene said...

Awesome painting! Wow, you're really good. I hope the close (like right at) to home studio works out for you.

Tour Wonk said...

Ok... Assbergers Gal.

As long as you are painting, I am pleased.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful painting..........



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