Saturday, February 28, 2009

Say what?

I'll bet you didn't think they made "Impeach Obama" stickers yet.

Who's car is this always parked beside the Hillcar?

Meet my brother Jon Baer.

You gotta love his "Global warming is junk science" sticker as well.

My brother is twisted... but in a good way.

For a laugh, check out our old band.....Diarrhea Roses


love23 said...

I am shocked and dismayed at the sticker on Jon's volvo! What the heck? I knew he was for McCain, but this is totally ripping up my brain, I guess I don't really know Jon after all in 16 years! Weird, very weird.

love23 said...

PS I LOVED DIARRHEA ROSES and love that I got to sing one song with them at St. Elmo's back in the day on their grand tour to Bisbee all the way from Martha's Vineyard!

Flying Mermaid said...

What the, oh my! And he had his hands all over my dog!

Is the HIllcar's Cootie Booster Shot up to date?

Charlene said...

That's just WRONG! How does he manage to drive in Bisbee without getting pelted with rotten eggs?

Chew-Mee said...

He gonna end up wit a Eel head in his bed.

Sandman said...

I think your bro has an amazing sense of humor! Love it.

Anonymous said...

That's just WRONG!



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