Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pantsuit Appreciation Day!

Let's take a moment before we consider rebanding the disbanded Black Pantsters, which I suppose would be re-named "The Rebanded Disbanded Black Pantsters Jezus De Corazon" or something like that.
(Thanks, Wendy!)

Let's take pause and appreciate Hillary's brilliant fuchsia pantsuit that she wore only yesterday.

Ahhhhhh, like a bright spring flower on a cold winter's day!
This is just what the doctor ordered!

Thanks, Hillary!
I think this is my favorite pantsuit to date!
Hillary, you really ARE the groovy pantsuited Mom who is will save the world with your wisdom and your dazzling Hillsuits!
Now it's time to really get our "ba da da " on with some Partridge Family!


Tour Wonk said...

Yer welcome...

Charlene said...

I think there's an unnamed HCA member who infiltrated Hillary's world and became her stylist. Hence, the fuschia dazzling pantsuit. Ya think?

El-Change-O! said...

Oh I know so!

Anonymous said...

Great columns.....



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