Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Baer Family Secret

Well dear Bloggers, it's looks like today is the day. Let it be written that Today, July 22, 2008, is the day I pass on to you the Baer Family Secret.
I will never forget the day my father passed it on to me. It was a Sunday afternoon, and Dad called me into the dining room. He was sitting at the dining room table with pencil and paper and a solemn look on his face. He called me to his side.
"Gretchen", my father said, "never draw the teeth".
My 12 year old mind didn't know what in the world he was talking about. But that's when my father did for me as I am about to do for you ....illustrate this secret passed on through generations of Baers before me.

My father used Santa Claus as his model, I'm going to use a portrait of Shirley Partridge I started this afternoon.

Here you have your typical Shirley smile, though it's not well painted as I am just about to do something dreadful to it! It looks a lot like the Hillary smile that I've done in countless Hill-paintings.

Now here's Shirley with teeth. Disgraceful, right? Down-right scary. You'll note I would never even DREAM of using Hillary as my illustration... that would be sacrilege!

There it is... the Baer Family Secret. "NEVER DRAW THE TEETH!"
I hope it brings you many good things.
Go ahead, Grasshopper,and try this at home... but never with our Hillary!

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