Monday, July 7, 2008

Painting with Bingo

Bingo and I spent the afternoon painting on my porch, she on her projects, I on mine. I'm working on a " Hillcar Introspective" theme. Somewhat abstract and open to interpretation. I'm allowing my subconscious to lead the way. As we are all waiting, watching and wondering, we collectively hold our breath. How's that?
Here is today's painting.

It's easy to spot the simplified version of myself, and that will be the Hillcar in the foreground. The other figure is a bit mysterious. While painting I was thinking of her as a fleeting vision. An entity in motion, a spirit that has yet to be. This is a spirit that would like to find it's place on Earth, something along these lines. Anyways, It's up to the viewer to decide, I'm just painting this stuff.


love23 said...

Love the painting, I just took a peek, while you are walking back home. Thanks for getting our Melmac on with me. I needed a push to get going again!

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

So, you not only create for yourself - you leave it up to us to our own feelings about your paintings! I love that! You are a terrific, feeling, creative artist and I love seeing your new works.

El-Change-O! said...

I generally don't like to explain my paintings at all, but since I have this blog, I've decided a bit of discussion on my part is a good thing. Thanks for enjoying them!