Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

It's a big day here in old Bisbee and the party starts early... very! I'm sure you all have a zillion things to do today, but I thought I'd bring you on a virtual tour or the day just the same!
Our first party starts at 7 AM with the "Coaster races" celebration. Our hosts Hans and Darcees will be serving breakfast and mimosas as we watch a bunch of 12 year old boys whoosh down the hill a million miles an hour in their home-made coasters.
Then at 11 AM we will check out the 4th of July parade. We've been asked to be in the "Gabby Giffords" float as well as the "Betty Linstrom" float, who is running for mayor. I'm more tempted by the Betty float. She's running on a 'Betty Boop" platform and the whole thing is orchestrated by comedienne Doug Stanhope and his fabulous wife Bingo. This float is created to look like a bar, and I think they are going with an "Animal House" theme. The best part is that Betty is serious!
From here we have an afternoon full of mining-themed fun! Mucking, shlucking, drilling, heaving and hoeing contests take place in Brewery Gulch. And who can forget the "Bisbee B run", the point of this is to see who can run up and down a steep mountain side the fastest. Downhill is the best part. No rules, no paths, just straight down the mountain you go. If you biff it you end up in the emergency room. After an afternoon in the ER, you can usually expect these troopers to end up drunk at Saint Elmo's bar basking in their glory!
By early evening our schedule will begin to get hectic! Lots of places to see, and people to be! All culminating in a ferocious display of fireworks! Are ya ready?

Here's a scene from last years 4th of July parade, where the Hillary Clinton Army made their debut to the general public. I decided against appearing again this year. What with our 50 Hillarys and a Hillcar I didn't want to steal all the thunder!


love23 said...

Whew I am tired just reading about your planned 4th of July day, but I am sure tempted to check out the parade, but I am sure won't. I just finished cleaning my porch and vacuuming it! We missed the coaster races but heard them. I snuck out this am at 7AM and got Ember, before the street was blocked off. We do plan on seeing the fireworks, and then checking out the Buzz at St. Elmo's. My day seems a lot more relaxed, but thanks for sharing with the world just how crazy a 4th of July can be! I will read about the festivities you attended tomorrow!xoKATE

love23 said...

Oh by the way, 50 Hillarys and your car would have blown the roof off the parade! I can imagine it now, without sweating inside one of the Hillary masks!

chew-mee said...

I went to the El Frida Eel Farm and I buy new eel.But it turned out to be an electric eel!(OOOWWWW)I already see firewoks!

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

I agree with Kate - you should have taken the Hillcar one more time to the parade! That car is legend now! Love last year's pic of you.