Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hillary Clinton cookie time!

Oh look, it's Sunday... that means it's "Hillary Clinton cookie time" again! Time for another Hillary Clinton Cookie time Haiku poetry party!
(5-7-5 for new-comers)

I'll start the ball rolling....


Here comes Hillary
in candy-colored pantsuits
Hillary rainbow.

Dream a little dream
a 70's sit-com mom
for our president.

Each day we'd wonder
"What's the Hillsuit of the day?"
Pantsuits on parade.

One nation under
a plethora of pantsuits
liberty, justice

and the pursuit of
the perfect fitting pantsuit
figure flattering

for every woman
paid for by the government
to make us look good.

Pantsuits for us all
A fashion revolution
Hillary rainbow.

O.K., now it's your turn!


love23 said...

LOVE the HAIKU, quite good! OK ready to get my SCRABBLE on.

El-Change-O! said...

Got any fresh Haiku yourself?