Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Last Chance Texaco

I had a long talk with my friend Jeri today. She is taking a vacation this week. She is sitting on the beach and painting portraits of Hillary. She is trying to come to terms with the same disappointment that we have all been grappling with.
A feeling of being cheated, a lack of justice, a feeling of hopelessness and anger. Anyone who has actively worked hard for Hillary has come up against these feelings.
Some have chosen retaliation. Some have chosen to give up, in one form or another. Others have chosen to support Obama. In all cases, everyone has had to give this a lot of thought and come to their own conclusions. It has become a personal journey for all of us.
Jeri has chosen active retaliation. Letters to Super-Delegates, Congress, the DNC, you name it. I think it's commendable that she is aggressively pursuing this path. It's not one I'd want to take, but then I don't like feeling angry for very long. Jeri doesn't either, so this week, she has chosen to stop and reflect, swim in the ocean, and watch the sun rise and set. She is listening to what others have to say.
This is what I told her regarding my feelings around this election, and she asked me to put it in my blog. I think I already have, but it's time to consolidate my thoughts into something more cohesive.
Hillary continues to be a great inspiration for me. She chooses the highest ground and she keeps her focus on the greater good for our country and for the world. She isn't spending her time being angry and pointing out the injustices of this election, and there certainly have been plenty. She is working her heart out to help Barrack Obama get elected. She has asked us to do the same. She put aside her own personal feelings and is working to put a Democrat back in the White House.
I believe Obama needs Hillary to win this election. After all, it was basically a tie and most of the Swing States were won by Hillary. I'd like to see her as the Vice President because I think that as a team they could change the world.
Wishing Hillary was the Nominee and hoping Barrack falls on his face is pointless and will accomplish nothing good. In fact it could well backfire. Finding your own positive path seems the only solution to me.
I believe in the Obama/Clinton ticket. Obama as the inspirational front man, and Hillary as the work horse getting things done.
Everyone needs to find their own path, and make sure they feel good about walking it. Whichever path you choose, make sure it leads forwards.
On that note, I'll think I'll paint a painting!


love23 said...

Right on Gretchen, I totally agree 100 percent! Love the painting too and the name and poem! xoKATE

Switzer said...

I've been suspicious from the beginning about the existence of "PUMAs": Alleged female Clinton supporters who are so bitter about her loss that they will throw equal pay, reproductive rights, the environment, and a chance at peace under the bus to get their revenge by voting for McCain. Now there is proof that the organizer is a McCain donor, who set this group up to screw the Democrats by using and abusing HRC supporters. See the following:

El-Change-O! said...

Thank you I will check that out. I've definitely suspected "Clintons for McCain", I mean, give me a break!

Sharon said...

Let me just say that the Puma movement started out with people who did not want to vote for Obama. I am one of those. They are still 'supposed to be' representing those people, but seem to be moving more toward a vote for McCain. I WILL NOT vote for McCain. No way, no how.

But, I would have to reconsider my non-vote for Obama IF, and only if, Hillary Clinton were made the VP choice.

I don't do this out of anger or bitterness. Hillary stood for the platform that I wanted to have. She stood by it, unwavering. Obama on the other hand has been 'wavering' quite a bit on his stance. This makes me very leary of his ability to Lead, not follow. And, I honestly did not like his platform stance on the issues that are very important to me.

I vote issues, NOT candidates. Always have, always will.

I do want to say that it is nice that others who supported Hillary are making their own decisions, based on their own needs. Glad someone out here is still thinking rationally.

Go Gretchen!!

El-Change-O! said...

I'm with you Sharon! I'm not feeling in the least bit confident or excited about Obama, UNLESS he picks our girl for his VP! ( Yes, yes, I'll vote for him, but I want to feel excited about it!) He really is doing quite a bit of wavering out there right now, I seriously think he needs Hillary as his advisor! She really is by far the most capable an qualified for running our country, but hey, I'm preaching to the choir here!
Oops, I probably shouldn't mention choirs in the same sentence with Barack Obama!