Monday, July 28, 2008

Embracing your obsessions!

Artists are expected to be obsessive. Gallery owners want to see one subject matter painted 3 million times, or a slight variation of subject matter painted exactly the same way. They want to say something like "Oh look, she painted a pear for 3 years straight". Somehow they find this endearing.
I used to think my obsessive qualities were a bad thing .. then along came Hillary! I now embrace my obsessive qualities, and try to use them to their highest potential.
I now feed my obsessions, instead of trying to starve them. Let's take my life-long obsession with the Partridge Family. Now if you think that I put this childhood obsession away with my toy box and just dusted it off recently, you are wrong. I never once stopped believing! I've listened to my P-Fam records my whole life. I love to make art when grooving to Keith and Shirley. In the past I wouldn't consider this something to be proud of... but those days are gone! On that note, check out what I just got in the mail today!
201 Partridge Family Bubble gum cards!

...and how could I resist buying 101 dalmations at the thrift store today? All art car artists love things en mass!

I'm always inspired my those artists who embrace their obsessions. Kate Pearson is forever gluing 20 million objects to her car, her home, and even her clothes. Lately she's been gluing postcards to every wall, ceiling and available surface of her house.

Now I'm sure you can guess why I'm loving that Sarah Ferguson! Though she's an extremely talented and accomplished painter, it's how she embraces her obsession that works for me. And certainly we spot a bit of obsessiveness in The Handy Goddess! Who else would have the perseverance to make a daily Handy Goddess video?

I really admire those artists that forgo things like sleeping and eating as to give themselves more time to create. But unfortunately, I'm just a regular person who sleeps and eats... too much of both!

Now there is a thin line between creepy obsessions and healthy obsessions. Nobody likes a stalker, big-time yuck! These people will never win popularity contests. Obsessive-compulsive dental care, hand-washing etc isn't exactly an admired attribute either. So where is the line?
If what your doing could hurt somebody, or is creepy and secretive, and doesn't do the world one bit of good... cut the shit and get a life.
But if you are making art, having fun, getting a laugh for yourself and others, and noone is the worse for wear... I say embrace your obsessions! Get out your glue-guns, kids...we've got work to do!

Got any obsessions you'd like to share with us? Bring 'em on!


love23 said...

OK, I had no idea what a great blog was in store for me! Now what will you do with all those dalmations, and better yet, all the cards! I think a collage in your home might be crying out to happen. I agree that Sarah Ferguson is a very accomplished painter, I just wish she would have made Hillary nude more the babe that she is! ROPER LAKE tomorrow!

El-Change-O! said...

I'll us the dalmatians on the Hillcar. I don't know about the cards yet.
Yes, Sarah has opened the topic for debate about what Hillary looks like naked. I agree that she is probably hotter, but it is an excellent painting none-the-less.
Have you read her blog yet? It's very funny!

Anonymous said...

Hillary hot????
Gimmee a freakin' break.

El-Change-O! said...

You must be on the wrong blog! Of-course Hillary's hot, da!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about haunted Dolls? Jackie-o

El-Change-O! said...

I have thought about haunted dolls before. Why, my mother has a very impressive collection of them!