Thursday, July 17, 2008

Party Pig and Party Pig's mother

... the name just sounded good.
I hope I didn't sound like a party "know-it-all" in my last post, because I certainly don't know much at all.

I do know that I made Wendy pose with this Maxeen Feldman album.

Doug and Bingo enjoyed the "Huh?" room. They are the only people who have ever chosen to camp out in this room. Kudos to Doug and Bingo!

I gave Roxanne the painting I had done of her last year because she admired it. I never know if people like the paintings I do of them unless they tell me.

Best dressed goes to Ed and Kelly from NYC and Bisbee.

I really enjoyed Kelly's rendition of a typical day in her life, as told to me in my kitchen. She is a computer games professional in New York and pretty much decides what games you play on on your computer. The best part of her story is the basis of the story revolves around what she feeds her dog... but in an entertaining way!

After much Hillary talk on my porch it was time to bust out with some "Extreme Porching", so I broke out the masks. Boy, those masks don't like being stuffed in a bag for so long... twisted!

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