Sunday, July 20, 2008

Freemasons have more fun! Part 2

The Freemasons are shrouded in centuries of mystery. Their symbolism runs about as deep as humanity itself. I don't even begin to understand the least of it. Far be it from me to say I even have a clue as to what they are really about.
I was invited inside the Masonic Lodge today because they are renting it. It seems they don't have enough members to keep up the costs here in Bisbee. Although they have over 200 members, only about 6 can make it to the monthly meetings, hence they are looking for renters at a very reasonable price.
My friends Ed, Kelly and I bit the hook. Imaging we would have the run of the gigantic place, we would wear robes and masks, speak in secret languages, and have "strange" rituals. But what good is being in a "secret society" if you don't have "Secret Society" T-shirts? This lead to imaging 'The Secret Society Store"... where you can fulfill ALL your "Secret Society" needs.
Well, apon entering this forbidden palace, we certainly were impressed. The detail is beyond explanation... even all their light fixtures contain their magic emblem! ( I took this photo from the wrong side, sorry!)

Even at their casual best, they rock!

Everything , and I mean EVERYTHING, has their insignia on it!

The craftsmanship is staggering. The Freemasons must truly have been masons willing to work for free!

We all walked away, blown away. But it's a tough fit. We really couldn't have our "Secret Society Store" here. Even art studios seem dubious, which was my main concern.

Being a "G" lover from as far back as I can remember... I do love their main symbol, the G.
Myth, ancient symbolism, spirituality and ritual...the Freemasons are an enigma at best.


love23 said...

Looks really great inside there, thanks for sharing. I might contact whoever one does, and get a look inside myself. It reminds me of my friend Li and all his magic stuff and he was also a member of the Free Masons too. That was an amazing MONSOON storm last eve. I bet you want that G light don't you?

El-Change-O! said...

Uh- huh... all that G stuff rocks! Yes, great monsoon last night! It's a realtor who shows the place, he might not appreciate lookers who aren't thinking of renting. I actually was considering the possibility but they've got their masonic stuff everywhere, plus they still have their meetings. No room for a freak like me!

Jess said...

I love these pics...the G being my favorite...too bad you can't use the space.

El-Change-O! said...

If there's a G heist... you'll know it was me!