Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let's take a look...

... unless your Hillary, then you might want to close your eyes!

(Hillary-happy shutter-bug that I am... I snapped this when I heard an EEK!" coming from Hillary... I don't know what happened!)

Our first day collecting blogs to consider for the 'HILLARY CLINTON ARMY BLOGGIE AWARDS" and we've got ourselves a live one!
This in from Sarah Ferguson, whom I don't know but she seems delightfully twisted!
DISCLAIMER: I herein take no responsibility for anything you see on blogs sent to me.
Don't click on this one if you don't want to be slightly shocked!! (ooh!)
Her art is quite fantastic, so take a look around while your there!

This one in from Beck. Lots of cool music and stuff here, even a Leslie Hall story (sigh!)



Lordlokipv said...

Barack obama & John McCain both are scraping the bottom of the barrel on candidates, IF YOU WANT THINGS TO STAY THE SAME VOTE FOR MCCAIN, IF YOU WANT THINGS TO GET 1OO TIME WORSE, VOTE FOR OBAMA

But both candidates are pretty worthless, by far,
The only difference is Barack Obama has CNN & Msnbc doing its propaganda for barack obama, You got to admit its pretty bad with the news media, barack has taken off, barack has landed, barack is eating a sandwich, Barack just took a shit, barack just wipped with twice with 2 ply toilet paper, but they are not being unfair according wolf blitzer, Anderson cooper, keith oberman, are working together, with barack obama, simple minded people who are in to these reality TV,, that has nothing to do with reality, They follow who is favored, what ever News Media want them to win, people in america can not think for them self,, they have to see highlights, who going to win, who ever make the most money or looks good on camera is all that matters, Of course Not who is better for this country, American do not think that way not at all they follow who ever famous,

Chew-Mee said...

McCaine?Him Cheap Charlie! Him still own my mother $20 for Eel dance she give him back in 1967 when he was in Siagon.Then they brain-washed him at Hanoi Hilton to make him our...."Manchurian Candidate"

El-Change-O! said...

John McCain...yuck! I may not be ga-ga over Obama, but I'll take him any day over Bush, I mean McCain!