Monday, July 21, 2008

Doing my thing!

Feast your eyes on all these delicious Partridge Family cards I got in the mail today! Sooner or later I''ll be busting out some Hillary/ Shirley art. I love all the slogans under the photos, like "Doing his thing", "Time to laugh!", "Everybody pitches in!", "Another great performance!", and "Singing sensation!". They weren't afraid to use exclamation points, that's for sure! I think I steal some of their slogans for my blog titles.

I spent most of the day painting on my porch. I'm working on a show I'm planning for the fall.

I just started this one this afternoon.

Have a groovy night everybody!


kcmustang said...

i like your thing! lol! there's a few exclamation points for ya! so when you say fall...when is that there??? fall means the day after indian summer here....midwest never goes by any official seasonal dates...too unpredictible. love that your sharin your work ... peace

El-Change-O! said...

Fall, um let me think. I have yet to pick the exact date. Probably the first Sunday in Oct., but not positive yet! the opening will be at Cafe Roka where I work!