Friday, July 25, 2008

Dark days in Hillaryland Part 1

A cloud has passed over Hillaryland

and all of the people cannot understand,

they shake their heads and go inside

they close their doors, they shut their blinds.

Only the children come out to play

in the darkness of this twilight day.

... to be continued.


Chew-Mee said...

Keep hav'n vision of Denver trip.So I must draw it for you.Miss Jesse will bring for u later at Eel Farm.Hope it bring sun shine to dark day.

El-Change-O! said...

Oh good, something to look forward to in these dark days of Hillaryland!

Anonymous said...

"do not go gently into that dark night" Dylan Thomas----------Doris died this morning at 4am------I will miss her-------Mom

El-Change-O! said...

I am sorry to hear that, mom. You have been a great friend to Doris all these years. I love you, Gretchen

Anonymous said...

Correction----"Do not go gentle into that good night.Old age should burn and rage at close of day.Rage ,Rage,against the dying of the light." Dylan Thomas I don't think Doris went "gentle" Jackie-o

El-Change-O! said...

That is such a great poem. I'm sure Doris is happy now where ever she is.