Thursday, July 31, 2008

Top secret mission details

Notice to all Hillary Clinton Army members.
It is my duty to inform you that plans are being made to perform a top secret mission to secure the White House for "Mother Eagle".

Please enter your top secret security access code here.


Access code approved.

Checking status.
Top Secret status code 40111 approved.
You are now entering a Top Level clearance site. Lock all access points. Remove clothes.

Our Top secret mission shall be referred to as "Bring Mother Eagle home".

I met with Secret Agent Louise at our top secret headquarters to here-in to be referred to as "Roper lake".
Agent Louise mapped out a detailed comprehensive plan of our mission.

Here is Agent Louise, study her face, and then delete these photos from your files.

Here is her 8 step plan.

STEP 1: Find Denver. Agent Louise seems to think it is somewhere near New Hampshire.
When Denver is found, drive to it and smash Hillcar into the stadium during Obama's presumptuous acceptance speech. Hit button to create blue smoke explosions.

STEP 2: Drop,roll and disguise:
During the mayhem, the blue smoke will act as a cover for said secret Agents to drop under the Hillcar, and disguise ourselves as Secret Service.

STEP 3,4, 5, and 6 Find Mother Eagle.
We then enter the stadium. Agent Louise will seek out "Mother Eagle".

Mother Eagle is "secured" into the Hillcar by "secret agents" who ask her to come and identify the "Hillcar" for security purposes.

STEP 7 : Secure Mother Eagle into the white House.
Mother Eagle is now brought to the White House in back of Hillcar. As President Bush will be away on vacation, we can claim squatter's rights to the White House for Mother Eagle.

STEP 8: We will all live happily ever after in the White House. Louise has first dibs on the Lincoln room. She will then put into action her plan of having male strippers perform in the Lincoln room on a regular basis.
I will then be putting "Operation Hillcar Fleet" into action. This plan includes high-class female call girls for the visiting dignitaries.

Please inform us in the space below the position you would like to claim at the White House. Also, if you would like to be included on the list of possible secret agents for operation "Bring Mother Eagle home" , please leave your name and code, plus position you are most interested in.


Now You must delete all the evidence.

Over and out.
Big Brass


Jesse said...

I volunter to be Secret Service seeing as how I have the badge and the plastic walkie-talkies. Also I am always dressed in black anyway. Although if I wear a mic in my ear I will probably have to ask the help of passerbys as I will not be able to understand a word of it. "What did they say??"

love23 said...

I volunteer to be MOTHER EAGLE PAMPERER! now remember I called this position first!

El-Change-O! said...

Secret service Agent "wha'd ya say?" and "M.E.P. 23" , you are on... providing of-course that Operation "Bring Mother Eagle Home!" is a success!
I am temporarily holding back the farm house position for "Official Oval Office Portrait Painter Sarah ("OOOPPS" )".
Sarah, you need to lay claim here, and quickly!

Chew-Mee said...

Miss GB,Can I have da China Room and be head of all USO shows? I give Bill free show anytimeeeeeeee.

El-Change-O! said...

Chew-mee, no one else could do the China room justice!

Sarah Ferguson said...

I'd like to be the "Official White House Painter of Nudes" please.

El-Change-O! said...

Finally! They've been beating down my door over here fighting for this position! A riot almost started when I told them I was saving this job for Sarah. Of-course the fact that Sarah made up this position, (not to mention the farmhouse) in the first place, doesn't hurt either!

Chew-Mee said...

May-bee some of my training from my 007 moo-vie can help u tu.(((