Monday, June 16, 2008

Arizona dog days

Yes, it's hot as hell here in Arizona! June is a tough month but as soon as monsoons hit in here Bisbee, it's my favorite time of year to be here!

(I did this painting last June in Bisbee. This boy is lost in the desert and a bit delirious! So don't venture out into the desert without plenty of water!)
Lucky for me I've got a tough schedule of pool parties and BBQ's to attend this week before returning to work! Bisbee is chock-O-block full of fascinating people so heat be damned, we always have a great time together!
Yesterday I was invited to Bill and Leigh Carter's for a BBQ. Let me take a moment to say how fantastic Bill's latest book, "Red Summer" is...

It had a great review in last Sunday's New York Times, and is a must read for the summer, so get yourself a copy! I read mine on the planes, trains, boats, and automobiles it took to get to Martha's Vineyard and back! I absolutely loved it!
On a Hillary note, it seems nobody really knows what's going on at the moment, and I'm no exception!
We are all just waiting, watching, and wondering what's next. I hope everyone reading this plans to march on Denver in August! Hill yea!


love23 said...

GB, my sister Pat arrives in Tucson on August 26, so I have decided to stay here in town, instead of driving to Denver. Tho,I will be reading your blog of the new and interesting campaign adventures. Then after she leaves in early September, I will drive across country on my own Hillary/Bisbeee Van adventure.

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

Bill's book WAS absolutely outstanding! He is such a great writer! Detail is his special talent. Makes me feel as if I'm in the boat with him and my hands hurting.

El-Change-O! said...

Rock on Kate! I need to photograph your van for the blog today! Judy, I miss you!

love23 said...

Oh yeah, and by the way, I read Bill's book in two days! He is without a doubt one of the most supreme story tellers I have ever read. Like Judy says, you can feel the details richly! So far I have purchased three copies of the book to share with others, it's that GREAT!

Flying Mermaid said...

Wonder if your pool hopping includes mine!

Didn't know Bill had a knew book out -- I can't wait!

Amazingly enough, Bill happened to take a meeting in LA with a casting director who happens to be my oldest best friend -- we were in diapers together! (She met Shawnee at my mother's funeral.) But then I guess it's not like we didn't know our home's the center of the universe!

Can't wait to get back next month!

love23 said...

WOW Emily, that is so GREAT! I can't wait to see you back in Arizona! xoKATE