Thursday, June 5, 2008

A tip to blog infiltraters

I don't understand why people who write hateful comments on my blog on behalf of Obama think this will somehow turn all of us dedicated Hillary supporters into Obama supporters. That really is a mystery to me.
Now dear Obama supporters who have infiltrated this blog. I have a few wonderful friends who are Obama supporters and who read and comment on my blog, I suggest you take a tip from them.
Take my friend George, from Louisville, for example. George is a huge Obama supporter. I was a stranger in a strange land in my HIllary car, and George welcomed me into his home, and even kept the Hillcar safe for a week while I went back home.
I loved his views and excitement about Obama, and he loved my enthusiasm about HIllary. Our discussions about our candidates was really great, and I cherish those times.
My friends Fred and Anita are great Obama supporters. We have a great time ribbing each other and having fun with our different views. We respect each other and are the best of friends.
This is pretty basic. Leaving hateful comments does not have the effect that perhaps you are looking for. Maybe you should rethink your approach.


love23 said...

Good morning Gretchen, speaking of home, when are you coming home? I can't wait to see the HILL CAR driving the streets of Bisbee again. Missing your fun loving, creative, exciting self! xoKATE

mo said...

Hey Ya, come on. this is not a place to hate. Supporting a candidate is your right and that is one thing, but to be hateful and nasty to someone for having a different veiw, is being a jerk! I am an Obama supporter. But I am also someone who has great respect for Hillary Clinton. She has made history in her run for the White House. And should she have been the Dem. candidate, I would have stood behind her 100%.Because it is the need for change in our political system that must happen, which means no more "Bushwackers" running the nation. Gretchen's blog has been such a cool site, filled with so much fun and personal tales that keep us informed and laughing. Anyone who would come on here just to be a hater is a dork. And I would doubt VERY much if Mr. Obama would be in support of your bad behavior. Keep it going Gretchen!!!! This is one Obama supporter who supports all your hard work. Love, Mo

El-Change-O! said...

Thanks Mo, you are of-course one of my dearest friends and a great asset to Mr. Obama. In fact, for our readers, let me say Mo has been one of my biggest supporters on this journey we call the "Hillary Clinton Army". Has been there all along for me, hosting parties, making food, donating money, and just being a great friend.
Thanks for speaking up, Mo.

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