Monday, June 23, 2008

Notes from a Generation X'er

A friend of mine once told me I brought "Generation X" to Hillary's campaign. Generation X, known for it's distrust with government, rampant political apathy, sarcasm, and angst. O. K., I'll go with that. I too spent the better part of the 80's as a disenfranchised art punk. Somehow I survived. Don't I at least get an "I survived the 80's" T-shirt?
All the female heros I've ever had were self-destructive heroin-addicted chicks with attitude. Is it spelled Heroin or heroine? I'm confused. Same difference!
Siouxsie Sioux, Marianne Faithful, Exene Cervenka, Nina Hagen, Patty Smith, Edie Sedgwick, Nico. They all possessed tragically glamourous, rough and tumble lives in which "Warhol" is a verb.
So what made this Generation Xer toss a life-time of political apathy to the wind and go gung-ho for Hillary? Is it her tremendous determination to make this world a better place? Is it her genuine sense of caring about what happens to all of us idiots sharing this planet? Or is it because she strikes a childhood chord of appeal in her "Partridge Family," "Brady Bunch", "Wonder woman" style that's drilled into my Gen Xer's subconscious? I think it's all of the above. To me she represents what women are really capable of. She seriously kicks the ass of any man in the room and does so with style and grace. Hillary Clinton is a power-house who's capability, determination, passion, and wisdom knows no bounds. She's Superwoman in a pantsuit. She's "Mom for President"!
I still love my heroin-addicted heroines, but Hillary Clinton has blown them all to oblivion! I'm pretty sure she has secret Super-hero super-powers that she hasn't even revealed yet! I for one am intrigued! Get me some popcorn, I can't wait for "Hillary Clinton, The Movie!" to come out!
If I brought a touch of Generation X sensibilities to the campaign in my Warhol-influenced way, Hillary seemed to appreciate and genuinely "get" it. This makes her even cooler in my book!

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Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

Heartfelt comments about Hillary. I agree. My neighbor bought me a Hillary book at a yard sale - it's from 1993 and tels aboutr her childhood and college years - so far. It's very interesting. You should read it when I finish. Makes me appreciate her even more after reading it.