Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hillary Clinton cookie time!

It's Hillary Clinton Cookie time! Yea!

Today's theme... "Cookies and Haiku, with Hillary!"
I'll get the ball rolling...

Hillary Clinton
I'm baking cookies for you,
they're sprinkled with love!

Onward and upward
mountains of hope you shall climb
up we all will rise!
( This one is by Shawnee)

Mom for President!
A Partridge in the White House!
Come on get happy!

Tea and Hillary
conversation and Clinton
How sweet it can be!

Hillary Army
we believe in tomorrow
It's a brand new day!

O.K., I'm having too much fun! It's your turn!
Please post your Hillary Haiku in the comment section. If your not signed up and don't feel like doing so, simply send your Hillary Haiku to
Remember, the ancient art of haiku is 5-7-5, so make sure to count your syllables!

O.K., just one more! It's hard to stop!

Another Clinton?
yes please, they are wonderful!
I'll think I'll take two!


Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton,
The best person for the job,
Our next Cee-Eye-Cee!

Hillary Oh-Eight,
You're the real winner,
Take it to Denver!

None but you will do,
The clothes have no emperor,
Hill is Forty-four!


Okay, pretty lame, and I need some sweetness transfusion somewhere in there! Some Hillary cookies for me, perhaps? >:->


Anonymous said...

Yikes, the second Hillary Haiku needs editing:

Hillary Oh-Eight,
You are the real Dem winner,
Take it to Denver!

Not just short on sweetness, but on math skills! Eh! ;)


El-Change-O! said...

T. I love them! Great job! G

Tour Wonk said...

I am not smart enough to haiku witchoo...

But I do love this here bloggy poo!

That'll have to do.

El-Change-O! said...

I don't know Wendy, your bad poetry was the inspiration for this post. Certainly you can write some bad haiku, it's easy!

love23 said...



love23 said...

Comes the Red Pants Suit
And Sure Victory Shall Call
Hillary the Doll!

love23 said...

She's surely our gal!
Smile for once some folks are nice,
She's sugar and spice!

bombshelter said...

Obama For Prez
It's Time to Change History
Hillary V.P.!

El-Change-O! said...

WOW! Keep 'em coming! Nice one, Mz. Bombshelter!

debinmadison said...

Eighteen million lights.
Misogyny wont darken.
Hillary march on.

love23 said...

I love this last one!

El-Change-O! said...

Me too! Thanks Deb in Madison!

El-Change-O! said...

O.K., I've got another!

The vice President
would be a nice President
if it's Hillary!