Monday, June 30, 2008

The Bathrooms are coming!

After an exhausting day yesterday of such disgusting things like giving birth, I'm ready to pamper myself a bit! I am getting a massage in a little while, then Shawnee and I are going out for sushi.
I was looking for stock photo of a woman in a bathtub to add here, when I came across this photo of one of my favorite childhood albums. "The Bathrooms are Coming!" was a musical put on by none other than American Standard. Does anyone remember this gem?
I wore this record out as a kid. Though I haven't heard it for 35 years I can still sing most of the songs by heart."It's bathroom Revolution!" and "My bathroom" were among my favoite songs.
Here's a review I found:

"Crazy record. All songs celebrating the glory of custom bathrooms. Many featuring bizarre sexual subtexts. One of the weirdest product music things I've ever heard. Rare as hell too, I was amazed to find an original copy."

No wonder I'm a little twisted!


love23 said...

Oh yeah, I like the turn of your blog. I must get ahold of this album! Have some romantic pampered fun at the great new sushi place in SV. xoKATE

El-Change-O! said...

Good luck trying to find it! Maybe on Ebay?