Saturday, June 7, 2008

Notes from the Vineyard

Hi everybody. I'm at my folks house on M.V. The weather has just cleared and things are looking brighter. I saw a great band in a fantastic new Island venue last night. The band was called "Yes, future, yes!", an all-girl band with Victorian flair. They sang such soon to be classics as " Baby I gotta go, your holding up the Revolution".
Now I'm feeling like we need a revolution and our theme should be "yes, future, yes!"
I commend Hillary on a superb job on her speech today even though I haven't heard it yet. But according to all my friends, pro-Hillary and pro-Obama who called me today, the word is the same. HILLARY ROCKS AS ALWAYS!


Sharon said...

Enjoy the vineyard, the great water, and the green grass. Keep us up on your return and know that you gave it 'all you've got'. So, be proud of your activism and your talent.

Take Care, Sharon

love23 said...

"yes, future, yes"! I like the sound of that. I am gonna work on my Bisbeee Van again tonight, and tomorrow night, and I hope it's ready for it's updated version this coming weekend. I liked the Watts Tower compliment you got on the HILLCAR, that was great! The ART RACE film crew left with Suzanne! driving BEN to Portal, NM with the film crew. They met at Santiago's last eve. Tomorrow they will film Celia! HAVE SO MUCH BEACH FUN!xoKate

El-Change-O! said...

Thanks Sharon!
Kate I love that Suzanne took off with the film crew. We'll probably get a post card from Paris in a couple months!

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

I'll always remember Hillary signing your portrait of her at Pam's house. What fun that day was. And you had even more following her campaign around over the past weeks. So glad you did that and got to know her family so well. Enjoy MV and get some well needed rest. When you get back, there will be no rest!

El-Change-O! said...

I'm not sure if I'd call this rest, but it sure is great to be here and be with my family and friends! I think rest only applies when you go to Aruba or something!

kcmustang said...

Aruba or Agreed