Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Come party Bisbee style!

We of the Hillary Clinton Army stay true to our slogan of "Putting the party back into Democratic party!" Today I can't think of a thing to say about Hillary Clinton or the Democratic party, so let's just party!
I thought I'd treat you all to a Wednesday night out in Bisbee. So dress up some crazy outfit and get ready to PAARRTTY!

We will be starting the night off by tottling down the street in our platform shoes to "St. Elmo's Bar". This fine establishment is about 2 blocks away on the road I live on, aptly named "Brewery Gulch".
Bisbee used to be a thriving copper-mining town, full of everything you think of when you think "Wild West." Brewery Gulch's claim to fame is that it used to house over 100 brothels! My house was one of them. But that was then, this is now.
Today Bisbee is an artist's haven. It's full of painters, writers, musicians, dreamers, drunks, and even comedians!

Tonight we are in for a treat! Our evening of entertainment begins with a live ( and free, so put away those wallets!) show by Comedy Central's own Doug Stanhope!

Disclaimer: viewer discretion may be advised, the following video contains strong language!

Doug and his wife Bingo have been great supporters ion the H.C.A. , even though they supported Ron Paul.

Well, enough of my babble. It's time to get dressed!

What to wear, chinchilla, feathers, stuffed animals?

Na, too hot! I ended up choosing silk and leather, with diamond accents!

O.K., it's time to go!


love23 said...

Hey GB, in true Bisbee convenience style, I am just back from my acupunture treatment, next door at my fully clinically trained acupunturist, who wrote a book about herbs that was just published in Germany etc. etc. Ah the life here, it's too great. I already have my wild outfit on for the night. I love that you photographed those bills after the auction! See you sooooon, in the Gulch!

kcmustang said...

cheers to you...have one for me! I can not wait to see your town

Tour Wonk said...

I was there in spirit...

El-Change-O! said...

O.K., let's go!