Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shirley we can make this work!

As I sit here trying to untangle my thoughts regarding the recent treatment of Hillary Clinton. There are a couple of conclusions I have arrived at.
I would like to see Hillary and Obama on the same ticket. Of-course I would like to see Hillary on the top of the ticket, but that's not the way this seems to be going. Obama is a great inspirational speaker, and Hillary is the person who really gets things done. Put them together and look out! I believe this ticket would heal the Democratic party and the combination of Hillary and Barrack could move mountains.
Yes, future, yes! I want to look ahead and not back so let's make this work for everybody!

I am apparently not the only one who appreciates the Shirley-ness of Hillary. Check out this video!

Shirllary for President! Let's get back to some fun, shall we?

The Hillary Clinton Army hath spoken!


Colleen said...

I thought I'd chime in with a different perspective. I'm a military mom; my only son is currently on his second tour in Iraq. His first tour was quite an eye opener. Some of the things he wrote about in his letters horrified me, and when he came back home I begged him to pursue a new avenue so he wouldn't get sent back.

But like many of the heroes serving there today, he told me his country needed him, and he would do all that is asked until they can ask no more. He will be voting this year through an absentee ballot, and he's voting Obama for one simple reason: through his firsthand experience in Iraq, he knows Americans can't afford another President who will wage unneeded wars. Many of his fellow soldiers feel the same. For them, their vote could be the difference between coming home to their families, or fighting for their lives in a country that does not want them nor need them.

I ask you to please reconsider. McCain has already aligned himself closely with the policies of the Bush administration, and he's made it clear that he wants a lengthy US military commitment to Iraq. As tensions in the region rise, I fear that a McCain presidency would not only mean my son will be sent on a third and fourth tour to Iraq, but that we'll also have a very real danger of falling into another unneeded conflict with Iran before his term is over.

El-Change-O! said...

Hi Colleen. Maybe you misunderstood. I would never vote for McCain even if a gun was pointed at my head! No way! Both Hillary and Obama feel the same way about ending the war and sending our troops home.
My brother is over there too, and I wholeheartedly agree this crazy war needs to end!
That's one reason why I think Obama and Hillary would make a dynamite ticket together! I also think that's what needs to happen in order to insure that we have a Democrat back in the White House! Thanks for writing in!