Saturday, June 7, 2008

M.V. meet and greet

When most people think of Martha's Vineyard they think of stars and rich people. Why even Hillary and Bill come every August for a visit. But even though the Island has more than it's share of stars and Zillionaires, the truth is that most of us never see them unless we are waiting on them, cleaning their houses, or weeding their gardens. They simply do not mix with the rest of us... never have never will.
Even if YOU suddenly became a zillionaire, they still would not invite you to their parties. This is the way life is on Martha's Vineyard.
Over the next few days I thought I'd like to introduce you to some of my friends here, so if you ever visit the Island you will know who the cool people are!

This is Joannie and Richard from Gay Head. As well as being amazing artists themselves, they always make it a point to support the local art and music scene. We can thank people like Joannie and Richard for keeping the arts alive on M.V!


Teresa said...

Well, true dat! about stars and zillionaires we first think of whenever MV is mentioned! I know for sure that the Baers are among the coolest people on MV, and anywhere else! Nice to get to know other cool folks on the Vineyard!

Thanks, G! Hope you're enjoying every sec on the island! (How much is gas there now? When we visited in mid-90s, prices were already astronomical!) Missing you and the Hillcar lots! Take care, and keep the faith!

love23 said...

Good morning Gretchen! I just realized it's been 12 years since I stepped foot on the island to visit you there with my LOVE 23 art car. My how time flies! I remember your Dad catching a lobster while snorkeling and it was in the kitchen sink when I woke up! Good memories. Have so much fun! xoKATE

El-Change-O! said...

I miss you both! G

kcmustang said...

The Baers would be the only reason I would visit MV.... that and your cool friends who keep the arts alive and keep you creative, centered, hip, optimistic and genuine! Your the best...enjoy your stay.

El-Change-O! said...

You bet, I'll keep hunting up those Island gems as I go!