Sunday, June 8, 2008


I think we all have been left speechless about what has recently occurred on the Democratic front. Stunned and feeling cheated, Hillary supporters have walked away to gather their thoughts. It seems Obama has been pushed through and Hillary was pushed out. The conversation is so loaded that it's hard to know what to say. I don't have any beliefs set in stone, and if I did I'd pry them out of the concrete before they hardened. So I'll just begin by saying "hmmm".
I think I'll sit by the ocean awhile and give this some more thought before I say more.

"Self-portrait with the Ocean", is the property of Joannie and Richard who appear in a blog a few doors down!


love23 said...

Great painting, I don't remember ever seeing this one? Love IT!

kcmustang said...

That is one very very cool painting. Is it ok if i save this picture off your blog?? what does it feel like for you to look back at it now?? i see so much of you in this portrait. take me with you to the ocean i have lotttts to ponder!

El-Change-O! said...

Please save away. I did this painting last summer for a show I did here on MV. It's great to be around the ocean again!

Jackie-o! said...

Testing testing hmmm umm etc, This is your mother speaking!

kcmustang said...

Jackie O flashes of my own mothers voice... Tis an honor to meet you on the blog...I just want to thank you for Gretchen. I will continue to say even the angels feel blessed to know Gretchen! She has become a touchstone for so many people. <3 all the Baers. xoKC

Teresa said...

Ooh, I love the painting, G! Just speaks to me on a deeper level.

Yes, we are sometimes still aghast, too, about recent disheartening events, but Hill gave a beautiful and powerful suspension-of-campaign speech yesterday!

And then there's Denver still to come. You might already know of this, but here is a group (subsidiary of the Florida Demands Representaion grassroots group) organising a rally for Denver, for anyone interested in signing up with them:

And so nice to hear from your mom, Jackie-O, too! The Baers sure do rock!

Cheers, T.

Dakinikat said...

I’m starting a grass roots movement. I am going to start doing ACTION MEMOS. THIS IS MY PLEDGE:
First, I will do the ACTION
THEN, I WILL get FIVE other PEOPLE to do it
THEN I will post that same information to FIVE WEBSITES of HILLARY SUPPORTERS asking them for the same commitment

please JOIN Me


Brazile: I’ll Quit DNC Position over Super Delegates

Here’s an important link:

It will show you exactly what Donna Brazile said back a few months ago. You can also listen. She said she would quit the DNC IF super delegates wound up choosing the nominee for the general election. Well, Miss Donna, it has happened. Super Delegates HAVE selected the nominee. He was not elected, he was selected. Now is the time for you to resign.
Let’s all write Donna and remind her of her pledge. After all, I’m down here in Louisiana too, and my mama said you’re only as a good as your word. I’m sure Donna’s mama taught her that too.

Donna Brazile or Brazile and Associates
or P.O. Box 15369, Washington, DC 20003.


Jackie-o! said...

Hi Kc ---This is Mama Baer----Practicing my blog stuff--.

Anonymous said...

It was an exciting and wonderful primary campaign, but it is now time to come to grips with reality. BHO won the most delegates, so he was not SELECTED by the super delegates.

And, HRC was not pushed aside. She lost, and she has urged her supporters in the strongest terms to now support BHO. If you need to think about whether to follow that request, then you are not really a Hillary supporter.

Anyone on this blog that contemplates voting for McCain is not thinking. Remember the McCain rally where a woman said, "How do we beat the bitch?" St. John thought that was terribly amusing. Here's the video:

Teresa said...

To tovar45, thanks, but no thanks. Your utterly condescending comments do nothing to persuade HRC supporters to follow your dubious 'advice'. Many, if not most, Hillary supporters have been following the primaries closely, with open eyes and ears, and we have come to different conclusions from what you state here. You have missed the point of what HRC supporters have been saying about the awfulness of this campaign and the unfair decisions taken by the DNC, the stacking of the media deck against HRC, etc., etc. Sorry, but you B0 supporters still refuse to acknowledge these things and deign to continue with your arrogant attitudes on Hillary blogs. Please cease and desist in your useless and displeasing actions on this and other Hillary supporters' blogs.

That is all.