Monday, June 23, 2008

A letter to the editor of Paper magazine

I recently returned from a 3 month stint on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton. I drove "The Hillcar", a painted, decorated art car I made that celebrates "All things Hillary!" This week I finally returned home and caught up on my favorite magazine, which is of-course, Paper!
I sincerely love your magazine. I especially love Dennis Dermody's movie reviews, David Hershkovits's "Eye Spy", and who couldn't love Fashion Schmashion! I was not amused by Moby's article "The end of the Clintonian era", however.
I accepted the fact that you didn't think Hillary's pantsuits were hip enough for Fashion Schmashion, and Barrack's fashions were cool enough for the cover. I personally find Hillary's fashions, (similar in style to Shirley Partridge minus the ruffles,) to pretty much ROCK! So I filed this one under "different strokes". But when Moby made the claim that Hillary is "power-hungry and entitled and would do anything to win", I feel I must speak up. Hillary is a class act. She a sincere person who fights for what she believes in, and is not deserving of this article. She gave it everything she had, she didn't win and she took it gracefully. Now she's out there actively supporting Obama, and has asked her supporters to do the same thing. Moby, what more could you possibly ask from the lady?

Gretchen Baer
Hillary Clinton Army
Bisbee, Arizona

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