Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blackness and darkness!

Today was one of those days where I spent most of the day watching horror movies in the dark. It seemed somehow appropriate for a sunny, hot, June day in Arizona. My dear friend Kate called me, she was sailing on the San Francisco Bay. I practically had to put on sunglasses to shield myself from all that sunny fun. Not to mention all those happy 60's San Francisco songs that went buzzing through my brain.

I started the day off "studio hunting". The space I looked at, a cavernous building with no electricity that was rented by the square foot, looked like something out of a B horror flick. The realtor said they didn't have electricity so that meth dealers wouldn't move in and set up shop. Hmmm.... I just wasn't feeling it. She then showed me the "Blair witch office project"... dark, creepy office rooms that had never seen the light. This set the mood.
I love going Gothic once in a while. You'll note I didn't use a single exclamation mark in this blog. Want to type exclamations... must stop now... or I'll

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love23 said...

WOW I have not seen this painting, it really depicts our sailing journey with Captain Rick, on the Pirate Ship! Eliza ROSE! xoKATE