Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thank you Britt and Trish!

Many thanks to Britt and Trish for buying some of my paintings! Thanks to you both my debt is dwindling quickly!

Britt bought the Michelle Obama doll some months ago in support of taking the Hillcar to Pennsylvania!

Trish, always up for some fun, was one of the models in the H.C.A. pantsuit fashion show!

Thank you both so much, and thanks to everyone for your support! I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends as you all!

Here's the paintings Britt bought.

I always forget to photograph my work, so I'll have to visit Trish and photograph the painting she bought!

I guess it's time I think about painting something besides Hillary again. I've painted her for a year and a half solid. Now I guess I will consider some other subject matter ( boo!). What, huh, is there another subject ?


Tour Wonk said...

as long as you paint what you love... it's all good, GB!!


Anonymous said...

How much do you sell them for? I could actually consider buying the really cool one at the top of the page instead of contributing to anymore campaigns :-)

El-Change-O! said...

Do you mean the self-portrait with the mirror? I'm terrible at naming a price. It's a 24" by 36" on Arches archival heavy duty watercolor paper. That said...
I'm thinking 200 bucks and I pay for shipping. How's that?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is the one. You know why I like it so much? Several reasons, but although I am aware it is a self portrait, it reminds me of Patti Smith and I am a big P. Smith fan. And I love the in the mirror, the next mirror etc effect. I have done that with a camera before but this is the first I've seen it in a painting. Our walls are so full of art something would have to go to make room for it...meaning I have to consult with the owner f the said art work and see if I can have it!!!! I know, it is so hard to price art - we usually underprice don't we. I will get back to you.

El-Change-O! said...

Sure, get back to me. I do have a tendency to under-price, but I like to get my work out there, and most people can't really afford too much. Thanks for liking my art. I too, am a big Patti Smith fan!