Saturday, June 21, 2008

Obama/Clinton Cafe

I dreamt last night that Hillary and Obama ran a cafe together. It was a place to feed all their supporters. Clintonites and Obamaians had to politely eat side by side if they wanted to eat. At first everyone was trying to figure out which is the Obama food and which is the Clinton food. But Hillary and Obama had worked hard to merge their tastes together. I was hesitant at first, but I decided to go in and eat. I had a delicious salad with blue cheese crumbles and mashed potatoes piled on top. Yum!
Perhaps I've made a personal break-though! This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius! Wait a minute? Was that in the last century or this one? Who cares! Let's get groovy!


Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

It just takes a while to come around and be pragmatic about the election. Mainly that we just don't want another Repub in the White House for any more time. Our country is in such deep s**t already that we have to start going up instead of down. I'm proud of you!

El-Change-O! said...

Your good, Judy! I'm trying over here! If our commander and chief asks that we support Obama, I guess that's what we have to do! I'm not very good at doing things I have no excitement about, but I will keep trying. At the end of the day we still are the HILLARY CLINTON ARMY, so whatever Hillary says, goes!
But no Obama cars or Obama armies over here! I leave all extra credit projects to ardent Obama supporters!
Right now I'm getting ready to jump into the Hillcar to shop and raise some Hill!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. As much as I am for Hillary, I am equally against Obama. Obama flip flops daily. Obama has little experience. Obama is the third term of Bush (inexperience running the country). Hillary is being pressured to support Obama. I (and many others) see through this. Hillary is just selling out.

McCain 08
Hillary 2012

Anonymous said...


I still pray to God that somehow Hillary gets the nomination somehow. But if not, she can do it in 2012. But if you support Obama in 08 and he wins, you are killing her chance in 2012. Think about this please.

Linda C said...

If Obama wins, he will win without me. I cannot vote for McCain and I cannot support Obama.

So I will wait patiently as the summer unfolds. I am still contributing to Hillary's campaign to put her in the best financial position possible for the convention to take our voices with her.

Anonymous said...


I am with you. I am still hoping Hillary can be nominated in DEnver. We can't give up pleading with Superdelegates. We have to hang in there. They (DNC) want us to support Obama - forget it! Stick to your guns and support no one but Hillary. Do not be duped by the MSM into believing that Hillary's voters will all fall behind Obama. Many won't. Many will because they are being duped into it. Don't go there. If you can't vote McCain - write Hillary in. Or don't vote. BUt do not go Obama. Hillary is the most qualified candidate. If not in 2008 than 2012 - but voting Obama will prevent that!!! Donate to HIllary to help pay her debet - that way she cannot be manipulated by the DNC and Obama!

El-Change-O! said...

The thing is, Hillary has asked us to support Obama, and though I am seriously having trouble with this concept, I will do what she asks. I think McCain would do this planet in, and by writing Hillary in or not voting we are supporting McCain. I'd just like to see Hillary on the ticket with Obama, then I'd actually be excited by the concept!

Anonymous said...

Hillary has to ask us to support Obama. Hillary is a Democrat and to remain in the good graces of the party she has to do that. That does not mean she really wants us to, she is just doing her duty as a good democrat. My best advice is not to give up the good fight and keep flooding the superdelegates with letters and calls demanding them to vote for Hillary. Obama's true colors are starting to show more and more. We have to convince the Democratic Party that he is not the candidate for us. If we fail at that, well, everyone has to follow what they believe best. Personally, I have learned enough about Obama to believe he will be a disaster for this country. I'd rather put up with 4 years of NcCain and wait for Hillary's "I Told You So" campaign in 2012. I might be wrong, but I really think this way.