Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meet Tina Miller!

Tina is one of my oldest friends. She truly represents some of the soul of the Vineyard.

Her dad built "The Black Dog Tavern", and went on to create the Key West's favorite,"Pepe's" restaurant.
Tina is one of the premiere chefs on the Vineyard. She has owned many restaurants over the years, written a cookbook, but has now chosen media as her vocation.
Besides managing Plum TV where she has her own cooking show, Tina has also branched out to be a talk show host!
On the Hillary side of things, Tina loves her some Hillary but believes in supporting the Democratic party regardless of which candidate is chosen. Although she voted for Hillary, Tina now believes we need to get behind Obama in order to end the war, clean up the environment, etc. I can understand her viewpoint as well!

O.K., my brain hurts thinking about all this stuff. It's time to go to the beach! It's my last day here, so I thought I'd bring my camera along and take you my friends and bloggers on a trip to the beach!
We will be trespassing and breaking the law in various ways this afternoon, so hang on to your seats! YAHOOOO!


kcmustang said...

Take the flip with you....flip the beach!~ in a good way ~ in a video record way

love23 said...

I have met this wonderful woman TINA, and have been to both the restaurants her father created! She is a very exceptional person, but I think Martha's Vineyard grows them that way. Look at our Commandante GRETCHEN. Reporting here from the trenches of HILLARY CLINTON ARMY beginnings. I head off with my updated BISBEEE VAN to TSUNAMI (it's a festival). PLEASE GODS & GODDESSES I PRAY TO THE SOUL OF OUR COUNTRY, OBAMA/CLINTON TICKET, thanks to the FATES.