Friday, June 13, 2008

Joannidi, Obama, Zimbabwe

My friend Heather and I went a-visiting last night. We brought a wicker basket full of useless objects. The deal was you take a useless object, but you had to leave one behind. Our first stop was to Greg and Claire Joannidi's house. The Joannidi's have both been teachers in the Martha's Vineyard school system for like, forever. Greg was my high school social studies teacher. They sure look young for being teachers for the last million years! They are also my friend Carol's parents. Greg and Claire are hysterically funny and always have me falling on the floor laughing!

The object they picked was a duck clacker. Greg is looking unhappy because the clacker bit his finger. We really scored from such a dumb object! The first object the Joannidi's gave us was a 500 dollar bill from Zimbabwe, where they have recently visited.
I thought this was really strange because they had no idea I was working on a "Stalking the wild shoelaces of Zimbabwe" blog, and I had no idea they had visited ZImbabwe! What are the chances of that?
This bill is particularly useless as it takes about a half a million of them to buy a soda!
They also gave me some other cool stuff. I scored a crystal, a "Mondale/Ferrarro" sticker, and a "Bush, like a rock, only dumber" T-shirt.
The Joannidi's are Obama supporters. They believe that having Obama as our President would be to send the message out to the world, "Americans are getting on the right track!".
Well, I'm listening to everybody I know and love, but I still want HILLARY, to me that's when the life as we know it would be reaching perfection !


scotchcart said...

Not useless at all! Sell that note on ebay and you will be surprised at what it fetches!

El-Change-O! said...

Really! I will have to tell the Joannidi's. They are Zimbabwe millionaires, which I think is about 20 bucks U.S.!