Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Everybody's doing it!

Everybody's sending Hillary a thank you card with the words "I AM ONE OF 18 MILLION" on the envelope. The idea is to let her know we are all still here for her. It seems like a great idea to me! Pass it on!

Here is the address:
WASHINGTON, DC 20510-3203



Loki said...

I voted Hilary Clinton, and only support Hilary Clinton, No matter what Hilary Does suspend her campaign concede her campaign. No matter what Hilary does she could even support Obama and campaign for Obama I will never Vote for Barack Obama, I do think America is ready for a black president, just not Barack Obama,,, The way The Democratic party handle this election with the Corporate Media propaganda the whole election, Turned this election upside down,, Obama could of ran over someone,, like Haley Berry, No one would care and still vote,, Obama..
There several million Voter right now like my self, will not ever vote for Barack Obama, Many like my self will be Voting for McCain, my reason is simple,, the Obama voter came on CNN & MSNBC and said if obama does not win the primary, Obama supporter will vote for McCain, Democratic party did not do anything to the obama camp to stop ,, why is obama party splittin the party in half, Now pelosi and many other are blaming Hilary and kept on with the propaganda Corporate Media, Obama Said on the new so many time,, does not Matter, if your Democrat or Republican,, you want the right person for the right Job,, He is so right,,when He said that we wanted Hilary,, Well Congrats to Obama his supporter got him to the primary,,,but He will never win the election,, for President, I will not stop with my blogging,, who is the best man for the job between Barack & McCain,, will vote for McCain he will be way better than Barack Obama, I can put up for McCain for 4 years and Hilary Can run again, Pelosi and the rest of the democrat party,, days are number at this point, For pushing Hilary out and ruining her Career, Even now During Clinton Exit speech,, Democratic party Told Hilary if she does not back there little puppet Barack Obama they will ruin her career,, In my opinion They all ready Ruined Hilary Clinton Career, Right Now I am going listen to one thing Barack Obama said, and that is, like I said, it does not matter if your Democrat or republican who is the right person for the job,,,, Hillary supporter need to stick together, Vote for McCain or just not vote for we need the right person,,, Hilary is up on stage right now saying what pelosi and the democratic party are telling her what to do,, or Economy is down and the way the propaganda Media is,, we are turning into a 3rd world country,, by rigging the election thru the media, Hilary Supporter who really want Hilary to be president Need to vote for McCain or just not Vote for Barack Obama, let McCain win,, there nothing more he can do as president, Congress will not let him it Congress who controls everything,, not the president, Pelosi and the a lot of the democratic party ruined Hilary Career, If all Hilary Voter, stick together, than We can restore Hilary Career and make her President, in 4 years. if you vote for Obama we have to wait maybe 8 years or 4 years and republican will be office, if Obama wins the presidency he will only be 4 year term,,, I say give all your supporter not to the democratic party, but to Hilary Clinton.. democratic party needs all of them need to leave office and get fresh people in there, who can unite the party not keep it separated and force unity, to who they want not who the voter want,, Hilary would of won this election, DNC screwed her with Florida and Michigan if those vote were counted at the beginning she would of won this race along time ago..and for the sexist Media, Like CNN & MSNBC… will continue to not report the new but Make it up as they see fit, All Hilary supporter need to unit together.. and stick together,, Margaret Thatcher was prime Minister 30 years ago,, but American Men and New Bias, is keeping woman down for personal gain, Like Keith Oberman, & Chris Mathews Who are the biggest Sexest on this MSNBC stations

Tour Wonk said...

I'll send one... thanks for letting me know pal.

Anonymous said...

Loki, you're way off base and I can only conclude that you never were a true Democrat or a progressive...or you really have a lot more grieving to do before you can think clearly.

I agree HRC was treated very badly but get over it and you might want to learn to use paragraphs too. You can't seriously vote in good conscience for John McCain!

Loki said...

See that is where you are wrong, I am over it, but new Media and a lot of other people are not over it, Hilary is out, but still bashing her and talking about her,, I am a Democrat but I always believe you if does not matter if your democrat or republican
if you are the best person for the job that who should win,,, I never once Voted Republican, but McCain will be better than Obama,, And I will not just waste my vote,, that is why I am voting for Mccain, some many other Hilary voter are just not going to Vote,, I am sorry for you tho, Mr Anonymous, cant even use your real name, I am not going to blindly vote democrat because that is what I am,,I voting for the best person, for the job, If Hitler was a democrat you would probably vote for him,, You are a person who does not think for him self that is for sure, You want to fit in and have what the news or other people tell you who to vote for, Just like socialist country or communist country, That is why so many are voting for Barack Obama,,, the other day on the news, THere is video of Obama saying He wished the gas prices even go higher just not so soon,,, Jim johnson who was working on his campaign,, who was involved, in Country wide loan scandal, there is also Rev wright, and the slum lord, Rezko,, Obama has alot of shady people working for him what did he say this week about that,, He can't keep track ot what people do, Yes He want to be cammander and chief,, Trust me I am over hilary, by far,, I love this country enough to do what is right not because the media tell me who to vote for, Sorry simpleton like your self,, can not do the same,, Your the kind of person who thinks OJ simpson is innocent ,,,,

love23 said...


Jackie-o! said...


El-Change-O! said...

Hi Loki, I understand your feelings. You must follow your own heart, and if McCain is your second choice, Hillary of-course is our first, then that's who you need to vote for!
It's a really tough position for all of us to be in! We who have worked so hard and believe so strongly in Hillary,are left without our candidate.
I have chosen at this juncture so say I WILL vote for Obama IF he offers Hillary the VP position. I too question whether he could win without her! I personally don't think so! Without Hillary he is without many of her 18 million voters.
Some will vote for him anyways. Some will stay at home. Some will vote for McCain. To me he is crazy if he doesn't offer her the VP.
If Obama does NOT offer the VP to her, I once again will have to sit down and make a decision based on that future information.
In the meantime, I believe in S.H.I.R.L.E.Y.!

kcmustang said...

I believe he is going to choose crazy. I also think they made their decision some time ago. When Obama announced he "called on Caroline Kennedy" (who has been writing poetry and distanced herself from the political arena the majority of her lifetime) to help him find a VP ... it said to me that he found his scape goat in Caroline. If Obama can not determine who his VP should be how can he sort through a pile of memos and make any decision. I have felt that Hillary will not be choosen and they threw her under a bus a while ago. At this point i will be shocked if he does the right thing.

Loki said...

I really hope He don't pick Hilary for the VP spot, this way when he loses, he only have to blame him self, This way Hilary can run again in 4 year with in that time,, Election for senator and congress will happen we can vote out pelosi and so many other people who threw Hilary under the buss they are going to know what it feels like, to be pushed out of Office what goes around comes around, that is all I have to say about that, And in 4 year Hilary can run again with out the problems from the DNC,, not allowing Florida or Michigan ,, if they would of allowed those delegate from the very beginning, Hilary would of already won the primary, That is a fact,

Loki said...

el change 0
I almost know for a fact, Obama can not pick Hilary for the Vp slot

They will not allow that to happen, even if Obama wanted to. And Obama don't even want to pick her, If she was Vp He will feel he would be in her shadow, and hilary shouldn't be it anyway if he does get elected it only going to be a 4 year term,, Obama talking about all the thing he going to do with out a plan, even the news media is picking up on it ,, He don't have a plan or I am working on a plan, This country going to get worse with Obama,, gas prices are going to shoot up to $8 to $10 gallon, He will open all the boarding, up leave us Vulnerable to attacks, I do want this war over, and Our troop back but I do not want anymore attack ,, ,this country going to be in trouble worse than bush,

Anonymous said...

For those who decide to seek revenge be prepared to dig two graves. I'm paraphrasing an old Chinese philosopher some of you might be familiar with. I ask those of you who are considering voting for McCain or not voting at all which is in effect voting for McCain to have a look at his voting record. There are a number of good websites to do this. is just one.

And yes, I stay anonymous and as an older and not so strong woman I don't feel safe revealing my identity to angry and hateful people who sound like they are verily foaming at the mouth when they talk about how much they hate Barack Obama. I had some nasty stuff happen in 2004 for displaying a bumper sticker of the candidate of my choice in 2004. I hope you all feel better soon.

Loki said...

Anonymous you so wrong, prepare to dig 2 grave,, that is where you are wrong, The bush administration already screwed every thing up,, with McCain nothing will change at all,, Congress will not let him keep the troops in Iraq , He can not start another war,, no one will let him do it, nothing will change from right now, Its over for Hilary, that is a dead issue, people are over it, All you want us to do is vote Barack because, he A democrat,, I going to vote for someone who going to completely Ruin this country with No agenda, like barack Obama,, Obama going to put this country in the grave,, he has nothing but crooks running his campaign, Has not agenda,, I will still vote who will be better, for the job, if you have a criminal running for a president or Elderly old man ,,, I am going to vote for Elderly old man,, its safer for the country,, sad thing about you anonymous ,,, if barack is president, and he will screw this country up.. even worse than bush, not worried about mccain he harmless, and congress wont let him do it,, but when this happens to barack Obama, you are going to say I did not vote for him,,, you going to play both fields so you don't look stupid like you do now,,, pick you side stick with it be proud,,, keeping your head in same thinking people are going to bother you because you voted barack is stupid,,,nothing more that stupidity, people who voted Hilary are being threaton by the obama people, they are going to try to force change,,, like bush did ,,, they will start riots,, and create chaos.